Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jewelry/Schmuck Party

Finally  I've resolved to organize my own Home party for my jewelry. Absolutely excited and looking forward!!! First of all it's suppose to be Fun. I guess , i just use "jewelry excuse" to invite friends and acquaintance for relaxed and leisured Saturday.
I'm going to switch my creations mostly to silver in Free form designs. So it will be also HUGE SALE for my older works!!!
AND....Tombola with Silver key prize

Apart from my own jewelry trendy , stylish bijou will be presented, so that all taste directions can be satisfied.
No any obligations!, The only rule- EVERYTHING must be tried on!!! Hope it's going to be fun!!

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Paige Low said...

Your key pendant rocks! If every piece is as gorgeous as this, there is no doubt that your jewelry party was a success! ;-) It’s really beneficial to hold a party to cater your designs; not only it will boost your confidence, but will also give you the pleasure of meeting new and wonderful people. It’s been months, how was your party?

Paige Low